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  • Quality

    Vetrobalsamo bottles are known for their quality excellence.
    A standard gained in more than eighty years of activity, practiced with the implementation of the best available technologies.
    High professionalism of labour together with very reliable computerised instruments, guarantee severe controls on the production lines, avoiding any kind of imperfection both of esthetical or structural nature.
    There are random controls on the production, 24 hours on 24, operated by a qualified staff of technicians who check dimensional and resistance parameters.
    There are very advanced devices which control that the neck profile, the internal dimensions and the bottom part of the bottles match with the established parameters.
    There are several electronic eyes which inspect every part of all produced bottles looking for any kind of imperfections, invisible to the human eye.
    Once control tests are passed, the bottles are palletized following the customer packaging requirements and stocked in our indoor warehouses, avoiding any contact with the external.