Who we are

  • Ecology

    Respect of the environment starts from the factory: this is the principle that characterises Vetrobalsamo operations. The main part of the company areas are neat gardens cared with particular accuracy and planted with 500 shrubs of local essences.
    Taking care of the outer space help us working well, giving to the production cycle the best technologies available, as to manufacture our bottles disturbing the environment the less possible.
    In Vetrobalsamo we work with this ideology.
    We reduced by 70% fumes emissions compared to other traditional glassworks, as we are the only plant in Italy that installed oxy-fuel furnaces.
    We use 85% recycled glass, putting ourselves at the top of the list of the Italian and European recycling companies.
    We often guest school children visiting the factory and we give very good attention to the children of today, who will be tomorrow citizens, in order to help them growing up with a good environmental sensitivity which will bring them to recycle glass, separating by colour.
    We demand our suppliers the same rigour, in the respect of the rules and the quality standards, that we impose ourselves, because all together we can contribute to strongly lighten the carbon footprint of our customers.